Permanent Make-up

Duration - 40 minutes
Brows are the most prominent feature on our face. A well-curved eyebrow can instantly glam up any face. A beautifully sculpted eyebrow helps frame a face and exaggerate the eyes to give it a broader and more open look. Doing your eyebrows regularly can be time consuming and yield imperfect. At our salon, we have a solution for you: semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery. With the help of the micro-blading technique, colored pigment is embedded beneath the skin’s epidermis surface, which stays for months. While we use hair-like strokes to fill the brows through this technique, your brows look fuller and thicker, giving it a more natural look.


March 2018
At Face Fantasy, we offer waxing service for our clients. We prefer the natural process of waxing due to its various benefits. Waxing helps reduce the growth of hair from within the skin surface; it also exfoliates dead cells from the skin’s surface. Our skilled salon experts know precisely how to make the process painless for you.


March 2018
Be it a typical event or a momentous occasion, makeup is an essential element in transforming a woman’s looks. From a light evening party makeup to glamorous wedding makeup, we do it all. What makes us unique is our use of the latest technology and the highest quality products. Our makeup artists are always aware of the latest makeup trends and will be happy to suggest the best makeup to complement your looks.


March 2018
Brighten and rejuvenate your skin with an extensive selection of facials available at Face Fantasy. We provide customized treatments that reduces redness, pigmentation, wrinkles, and dull skin. Consult our skin experts to find out the best facial for your skin, and experience a never before soft and baby-like skin which speaks for itself. Our skin brightening facial is one of the most demanded services at our salon. Avoid harmful therapies and go natural with nature-inspired facial treatments.


March 2018
Your hair builds up your confidence, so naturally hair loss or partial baldness can be a real drain on it. But hair extension does not always mean painful and expensive procedures. At Face Fantasy, we offer a complete package for hair extension that includes expert consultation to find out the best type of hair extension that matches your face, scalp and hair analysis, measuring and cleaning of scalp, customization of hair extension in respect to your face structure and scalp, and blending to give it the most natural look possible.


March 2018
At Face Fantasy, we believe every woman should feel pretty. Be it a dinner date or a Sunday brunch, your looks can build up self-confidence, the best makeup that women can ever wear. Eyelash extension makes you look effortlessly beautiful. If you possess beautiful eyes already, then eyelash extension will intensify your look. However, those who are not blessed with long lashes can try lash extension to add a bit of flare to your face.

EMS Sculpting

March 2018
EMS Sculpting helps you build on the results that you gain in the gym. EMS Sculpting uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to trigger muscle contractions-20,000 in each 30 minutes to “super target” and build muscle even faster. EMS Sculpting can be used on the arms, thighs, abdomen, and even the buttocks to burn fat and build muscle.

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