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Several factors — both internal and external such as aging, pollution, etc. — have been causing a detrimental effect on our skin, making it look rough, dry, and saggy. So, as we age, we need proper treatment and care both from the inside and outside to keep our natural glow intact.

Thanks to advanced technology, there are now several types of facial treatments available to enhance our beauty and appearance. Medications may or may not be used in these treatments, but the results will always be prominent and ultimately good for your skin.

In cosmetology, we usually say that there are five types of skin. They are - oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and acne-prone. Facial therapies are always focused on our skin types. They are individually specialized for each skin type so that your skin problems can be cured without any side effects.

There are also several types of skin problems that need the specialized facials Philadelphia has to offer. They can cover a wide range of skin concerns to produce the results that you desire. We offer some of the most popular facial treatments available today.

1. Facial Massage:
This western therapy has the magic to stop our facial aging. It can keep our faces young for a long time with massage sessions primarily conducted with hands or sometimes with special equipment. A cosmetologist or a professional massage therapist can do the sessions with diligence by using facial products and appropriate equipment.

For a Facial Massage Philadelphia loves, stop by for a wonderful experience that is sure to fit your needs. Eastern massage therapies are based on manual treatments executed by hands. Natural ingredients such as essential oils, argan oil, herbal lotions, etc. Traditional techniques, such as shiatsu, yoga, acupuncture, etc., are also used in facial massages.

Excellent Benefits of Facial Massage:

  • It enhances our appearance.
  • Our facial skin tone and muscle tone improves.
  • It can relieve daily stress, sinus congestion, migraine headache, and PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
  • It can relieves facial pain and discomfort.
  • It prompts our eye muscles/nerves and facial nerves to relax from stress and strain.
  • It improves our way of living in several ways by relieving tension and soothing skin.

2. Facial Spa:
The facial spa is another advanced treatment to enrich your skin through exfoliation and deep cleansing. Professionals will nourish your skin with spa products.
The process requires cleansers, toners, exfoliators, facial masks, and finally, moisturizers. The products are applied to your face step by step in the facial spa Philadelphia loves. Each product has its own purpose in serving your skin, and the selected products will be tailored to your skin’s unique needs.

The cleanser: Cleans out the oils that our facial glands excrete and the white and blackheads. It controls the oil on your face, as well as the neck and shoulders .

Toner: Closes up the pores of the facial glands, which restricts dirt from getting into them once again.

Exfoliator: Cleans out the layer of dirt from the skin’s surface. It removes all the dead cells, making room for fresh, new ones.

The facial mask: Moisturizes our skin after the harshness of exfoliators. A natural glow appears, and we see a marked visual difference.

Moisturizer: Gives us the finishing moisture that the mask starts. It softens our skin and keeps it soft and supple.

3. Acne Facial:
Acne is a common problem in teenagers and young people who are hitting puberty, however it can also prove to be a nuisance for adults as well. When our facial skin’s pores get blocked by dirt, acne and pimples pop up on our skin. The clogged-up pores containing oil and dirt is not only gross but also infection-prone. Mild acne can lead to inflammation and can even be painful.

A professional aesthetician will extract the dirt and oil mixtures from your pores through compression and other acne treatment equipment in an acne facial Philadelphia adores. They also may use glycolic and salicylic acids to remove the dead skin cells, unveiling fresh skin underneath.

Benefits of the Acne Facial:

  • It will remove acne at the root.
  • Acne removal enhances our appearance, and also improves our skin’s health.
  • Redness and inflammation will gradually decrease.
  • Your skin will improve and become healthier than before, restoring a natural clean-face look.
  • If we can get regular acne treatment from professionals, acne breakouts will progressively decrease in the future, because dirt is not sitting in the pores. We can have lifelong healthy and acne-free skin.

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