Our Story

Daria Guc is a Cosmetic Artist who believes in an individual and conservative approach to permanent makeup. Always in pursuit of the most natural results, Daria is committed to excellence and continues her master skills and artistry. As a true perfectionist she maintains a very high standard to all her treatments.

Our History

As an artist, Daria creates customized looks designed to fit each individual’s needs and aesthetic preferences. She believes no two faces are exactly the same, and that it is extremely important to make sure each face is meticulously treated with the utmost attention to detail— no “cookie-cutter” designs on every client. Cosmetic tattooing is extremely difficult and requires a great deal of skill and care to create the desired results.

Our Studies

Studied at world-renowned schools of cosmetology

I studied at professional schools in Moscow, Paris, Lebanon, and the United States. Moscow was by far the most important for my development as a cosmetic artist; I lived there for several months after coming from Moldova. When I arrived in Moscow I met “King of Glamour” Sergey Zverver, a famous hairdresser and stylist who I had often seen on his various television shows. I studied at his famous A Atelier school where I learned the art of cosmetology and passed my master class. It was a life-changing experience, and I learned a great deal about the art of makeup, powdering, and other cosmetic disciplines.
After Paris, I moved to Lebanon where I attended and completed the Makeup For Ever Academy. Lebanon was completely different from everywhere else I had studied, expanding, and rounding out my experience as a makeup artist. The ways in which women there use makeup is really incredible. The degree to which they take care of themselves, and the amount of attention they want their makeup to draw set a high standard for me that I still uphold to this day.

After my time at the A Atelier school, for the first time in my life I understood how I could work with colors—not simply with makeup, but with colors, eye shadow, and powder. I was taught how to work with liquid color, a practice that is like magic to watch and use. After Moscow, I lived and studied in Paris where I continued my education.It was my dream to study there, and I was lucky to do so under the tutelage of Jean Pierre Fleurimon at his international Fleurimon Makeup and Hairstyling School. He was a wonderful teacher and a skilled professional. He taught me how to apply makeup to give the impression of a natural application. I learned from and alongside people that we’re masters at subtly hiding their imperfections while still keeping their faces very natural in appearance. Seeing makeup applied in such a way that it was barely noticeable was a new and completely different strategy for me. After I graduated, I was honored to receive a letter from Jean Pierre Fleurimon saying, &quot Dari, you are the most creative woman,” in reference to how imaginatively I make use of various colors when applying makeup.

The most notable difference between French-European cosmetology and Lebanon’s is that in France they want everything to be flashy. This focus really aligned with my style, because I like to play with color. When I was studying in France I came to understand their strategies and techniques, but in Lebanon, it was completely different. There, women like to show themselves off. Because they value their appearance so highly they use only the highest quality products. As a result of my time there, I now also settle for no less than the finest product available.

With so many schools under my belt (some may even say too many schools), there are few who can match my level of experience in my field. Between my time in Moscow, Paris, and Lebanon, the breadth and scope of my education have been extensive. With each country I visited and studied in I took away the best components of their approach to makeup and beauty and applied it to my craft. I’ve come to not only have the skill to help people look however they want to, but to also understand that the women of different cultures do not all want the same things out of their makeup artist. Each person requires a unique approach based on who they are, where they are from, and what aesthetics they want to embody. This is something that only someone who has traveled to and studied in so many different places can come to learn firsthand.

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